Control everything from your window blinds to your garage door!

Home Automation

A home automation system allows you to connect just about anything and have control over it within one app. Control everything from your fireplace to your pool system to your garage door or even monitor room temperature and water pressure in you plumbing system. With an automation system you can connect to your home or business wherever you are in the world for full control of all your devices.


Audio video consists of your sound and vision components (i.e. Speakers and TV’s) in your system. Theses components offer you a multitude of enjoyment in your family room, bedrooms, or throughout the whole home. These would include you Surround Sound Receiver, THX certified speakers, and Projection system to make the ultimate viewing and listening experience, just like a movie theater in your home.

Lighting Control

Lighting control systems consists of a series of keypads throughout your home or business, eliminating multiple light switches on a wall. With a lighting system you can set everything from a scene for a movie to a whole home party. This also allows you to set the maximum brightness to a lower percentage to save energy. Turn the whole house off with the touch of just one button when you leave.

Motorized Shades

Having motorized shades installed in your home or building allows you to operate the control of the shades to open or close them for multiple devices. You can also install a temp sensor or set it to a clock for the shades to open or close by themselves. By this you can save energy and protect furniture for the harmful sun rays coming through windows. We are a Q-Motion dealer and installer of motorized shades.

Cloud Based Storage

We’ll throw your information in the clouds and protect it, nothing for a thief to take!

Distributed Audio

A distributed audio system allows you to control speakers in as many rooms or locations as desired. This system allows you to send any audio source (CD, Radio, iPod, and Internet Radio) to any location giving you control over such things as volume and other commands via a touch panel, keypad, or mobile device.

Distributed Video

A distributed video system allows you to send any source (Cable, Satellite, DVD, and Media System) to any room. Your selection can be switch to any location on the fly with a control panel or remote.


Prewire systems allow you to run all your radio, phone, sonos, computer, and TV lines back to a central location. for convenience. This will allow a clean and organized system for routing all you data signals throughout your home or business.

Security / Surveillance

Protecting not only what you love but who you love at the same time! We sell and install the finest equipment money can buy IC realtime. 24/7 monitoring and alerts all provided by our company.


We have a large selection of theater seating and television stands on display. Stop by and feel the real wood difference versus the big box inexpensive stands. We stock a nice selection of the finest home theater chairs by Row One. We offer competitive prices, financing, and a non traditional way of shopping for furniture.


We can test your internet speeds on site and upgrade your gear for faster streaming. Our service trucks and technicians are trained to improve your internet speeds through upgraded equipment. I mean, who wouldn’t want a faster internet connection… who?

Acoustic Room Treatments

Consisting of sound dampening and room acoustics – we’ll make your home theater sound like it should! We stock and display the panels on our walls so you can see how nice they will look in your home. The acoustic panels come in many sizes and colors so stop by today and see our selection.